• "The Constitute project provides an unparalleled research resource for me and for my students, and it has also been enormously helpful in informing the comparative constitutional work I am called to do as a member of the Venice Commission."

    Paolo Carozza, Director, Kellogg Institute for International Studies & Member, Venice Commission on Democracy through Law - September 2020
  • "At International IDEA Constitute has become an indispensable resource for our work in comparative research on constitution building."

    Sumit Bisarya, Senior Advisor on Constitution-Building, UN Department for Peacebuilding and Political Affairs - November 2014
  • "Constitute serves as one of the main sources and thus pillars of UN Women's constitution work”

    Beatrice Duncan, Justice and Constitutional Advisor, UN Women - November 2014
  • "Constitute is an indispensable source—easy to use, accurate, and data-rich."

    Donald Horowitz, Duke University and National Endowment for Democracy - November 2014
  • "Constitute will undoubtedly prove an invaluable resource for anyone and everyone even minimally interested in comparative constitutionalism (which should be anyone and everyone professing an interest in any given constitutional order). " 

    Sanford Levinson, the University of Texas at Austin - November 2014